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Is your UK travel insurance valid when flying from Dublin Airport?

We’ve already witnessed the value of the sterling pound weakening, which ultimately means the cost of travel will be higher. No-frill airlines and European routes, that we currently have the luxury of using, are enabled by the EU’s removal of old bi-lateral restrictions to encourage competition on routes between union countries. Now that the UK are leaving the EU, we may find that regular flights from Northern Ireland and the wider UK will not be operating as quite as freely (or cheaply)!

Flying from Dublin Airport

Typically, Northern Ireland’s airports don’t have a wide range of routes, and as such travellers regularly book connecting flights when flying from Belfast, or opt to depart from Dublin’s Airport. Dublin offers a wider flight selection and is less than two hours drive away. But for those choosing this option, have you ever stopped to think that once you cross the border, your UK travel insurance could be void?

UK Travel Insurance

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, you should always ensure you have adequate travel insurance cover. This will mean that you are covered in event of an emergency, like an unexpected illness or theft.

If you are flying from Dublin Airport, remember you will be flying from an airport outside of the UK (but within the EU post Brexit). Therefore, you need to make sure your travel insurance covers your departure location, your arrival destination, and your return travel. If you have bought a travel insurance policy in the UK, read the fine print to confirm if you are being covered if you opt to fly from Ireland.

Travel Insurance helps to cover medical expenses, cancellations, personal belongings, and being aware of your policy’s terms and conditions could prevent you from realising your cover isn’t valid when it is too late.

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