Temporary Van Insurance

What is temporary van insurance?

Temporary van insurance is a standalone, fully comprehensive, short-term insurance policy for a van, running separately to the main insurance policy. Our short-term insurance can cover you for any period of time from an hour up to 28 days, so whether you’re borrowing a van or moving house, temporary insurance is a quick and flexible way to ensure you’re covered. Get the cover you need, for the time you want.

When would I need temporary van insurance?

Some of the reasons people may choose to take out temporary van insurance include;

  • Borrowing a van
  • Hiring a van
  • Moving house
  • Moving large items

What are the benefits of temporary van insurance?  

  • Its flexible - temporary insurance offers flexible short-term cover, from one hour to 28 days.

  • It won’t impact your No Claims Discount - In the event of a claim, the main van insurance policy will not be affected, including any no claims discount, as Temporary Cover is a standalone policy.

  • It’s instant and quick - apply online at any time and get instant cover in as little as 10 minutes.

  • It’s affordable – You only pay for the cover you need, you don’t need to worry about the expense of an annual policy.

  • Available to click and buy when you need.


How long does it take and how can I purchase a policy?

Apply online now for temporary van insurance and you could be driving away in 2 minutes. Temporary insurance policies are available exclusively online.

How many drivers are covered?

Each short-term van insurance policy covers one driver. You will need to take out additional short-term insurance for multiple drivers.

What details are needed to apply?

You’ll need all the details of the vehicle you wish to drive and the driver who wishes to take out the insurance, including;

  • Contact details of the driver – name, DOB and address.
  • Vehicle details – registration, value, make and model of the van
  • Your license type and how long you have held it
  • Your occupation

Email address or phone number for policy documents

Will temporary van insurance affect my no claims bonus?

Any existing no claims bonus on the van’s main insurance policy won’t be affected, as your short-term insurance cover is standalone policy.

Do AbbeyAutoline provide the cover directly?

AbbeyAutoline in an Insurance Broker, we act as an introducer to Tempcover Limited who will arrange your short-term insurance cover. If you click to get a quote, you’ll be directed to Tempcover Limited's website, who will arrange your quote and provide your short-term insurance policy. Their terms and conditions will therefore apply.

Alternative methods of temporary cover are available.

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