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Falls from a height are one of the leading causes of serious injury and death on farms across Northern Ireland, accounting for more than a quarter of all accidents, according to the HSENI. As members of the Farm Safety Partnership, sharing information to help try and prevent these accidents is important to our team.

A large number of these incidents arise from poorly planned maintenance or construction work on agricultural buildings.

The HSENI recently launched its fourth Farm Essential Message ‘Stay Off Roofs’ aimed at highlighting the very real dangers to farm workers of working at heights.

The messages aim to drill down into the key issues which are the main causes of major incidents and death on farms. The first Farm Safe Essentials message, ‘No Brakes, No Chance’, was launched during last year’s Farm Safety Week, while the second message, ‘Plan Safe Spaces’ focusing on bulls, was launched in September. The third message, ‘Give Slurry Space’, was launched in October.

The latest Farm Safe Essentials message encourages the farming community to consider the risks when working at height and on roofs.

If undertaking this work yourself is unavoidable, HSENI is proposing the following guidance:

Meanwhile, the HSENI’s advisory engagement with agriculture contractors continues throughout January with telephone calls and virtual advisory appointments being carried out rather than site visits due to the ongoing situation. Agriculture contractors are being asked to put safety at the top of their new year’s resolution list.

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