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Classic Car Insurance Explained

Whether you use your classic car to roam around the countryside at the weekends or as a custom restoration project, you will want to take great care of your car. 

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you stay on top of classic car insurance.

Keeping your car clean and refuelled are a few of the ways you can ensure good maintenance of your classic car, but what happens when something goes wrong and how can you protect some of your most valuable assets? 

At AbbeyAutoline we share your enthusiasm for the classics, that’s why our specialist team are here to give you expert advice when it comes to classic car insurance


What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance is a specialist policy that has been designed specifically for the showstoppers of the road. 

So whether your Porsche 911 is your single most prized possession or you’re an avid Mini collector, this policy could be for you. 

We offer fully comprehensive cover for all classic vehicle types including cars, motorcycles, commercial, military and agricultural vehicles


How does classic car insurance differ from standard car insurance?

Unlike your typical car insurance, there are set rules that must be taken into consideration when buying classic car insurance. 

Insurers will need to determine the:

Often we get asked if drivers need to be members of a classic car club to get classic car insurance, which is not an essential requirement, however will get you a 10% discount on your policy.

Additionally, with classic car insurance, there are mileage limitations, which you can choose to increase, providing it is within the maximum of 5000 miles.


My car is in storage - do I need classic car insurance?

If you are restoring a vehicle or have chosen to put it into storage for the upcoming winter months, you will be keeping it ‘off-road’, and therefore you may not require full coverage. 

We understand sometimes accidents happen when it is stored away and you will want an extra piece of mind, knowing your vehicle is protected. 

That’s why we give you the choice with our customisable coverage options where you’ll only pay for the level of cover you actually need.


What do I need to consider when buying classic car insurance?

Before applying for classic car insurance it is important to have your vehicle information to hand. Our team will ask for the make, model and year to find a suitable policy for you.

At AbbeyAutoline we compare policies with a wide range of insurers to get you the best classic car insurance quote. Please contact our team for a quote or specialist advice. 

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