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Home Insurance explained

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance protects a person’s home against damages to the house itself, or to possessions in the home. It will also provide some cover for some personal liabilities.

It provides security should something happen such as a leak or an accident, as well as peace of mind whilst away on holidays that if a series of unfortunate events should occur, your house and your contents are covered.

Is Home Insurance a legal requirement?

The answer is no.

It’s not a legal requirement to purchase home insurance however, your mortgage provider may specify that you must have a buildings or contents insurance policy.

Even so, should something happen to your home whether its fire or water damage, do you really think that you have the money to put your house back together should it all fall down?

Most home insurance premiums cover the building that you live in, as well as the contents inside against theft and damage by either fire or flood.

Common Home Insurance Questions

What does Accidental Damage mean?

This is usually damage to your belongings or property as a result of an accident such as spilling paint across a carpet or if your TV was accidently knocked off of its stand.

What is the difference in Buildings and Contents cover?

Building Insurance covers the cost of damage to the structure of your property and well as fixtures and fittings. Contents Insurance covers the replacement of your belongings if they have been stolen or damage. Generally, you can combine the two for maximum house cover.

What is an “Escape of Water?”

An escape of water is usually plumbing-related problems, for example burst pipes and faulty boilers however it’s important to know escape of water cover doesn’t protect you against all water damage in your home therefore it’s essential to read your policy documents.

What does Home Emergency cover provide?

 This type of cover is a 24hr call our service for emergency repairs on your property including issues with plumbing, heating and security.




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