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Learner Driver Insurance

If you have someone at home who is at the stage in their lives where they are curious to learn to drive, then look no further. Here is everything you need to know about Learner Driver Insurance for your young person aged 17-21… 

It can be a daunting or exciting time when your offspring reach that age where they are ready to become more independent and learn to drive. Either way, it’s important to feel at ease when this time arises.

You may have already begun sourcing out the best driving instructors or hinting at them to revise for their theory test. With this in mind, Learner Driver Insurance can help them on their way and give you peace of mind. 

What is Learner Driver Insurance? 

Exactly what it says. Learner Driver Insurance insures those who are ready to learn to drive.  

It can be used as a starting point for you as a parent/guardian or friend to teach a young driver how to drive, or to complement existing private driving lessons and prepare them for their driving test. 

Our Learner Driver Insurance is a comprehensive and flexible cover that is designed for those aged 17-21 and hold provisional driving licenses. 

Teaching a Learner Driver...

You may be curious to understand whether or not you can teach your child how to drive.

In Northern Ireland, if you are a qualified driver you are able to supervise a learner driver. 

To be a qualified driver you must be aged 21 or more and have held your full Northern Ireland or Great Britain license for at least 3 years.  

How long can I take a Learner Driver Insurance policy out for?

You can opt for short-term Learner Driver Insurance from as little as seven days, or longer-term cover up to six months. You can extend the cover after the six months if needed.

Comprehensive and Flexible Learner Driver Insurance Cover

Learner Driver Insurance is comprehensive and flexible.

The policy covers the learner from any possible accidents and does not affect any no claims bonuses for the car owner whilst the learner is driving their car. 

It is designed as an add-on to sit alongside any existing car insurance cover already in place on the car that the learner will be practicing in.  

The cover can be taken out in your own name, for your own car or for a car owned by a family member or friend.

If you have or are a learner driver aged 17-21 and would like to be insured, call our expert team on 08000 66 55 44 or request a quote here

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