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Commuters with ‘rail’ concerns getting back in the driving seat

After the summer months, September usually brings with it a degree of routine and a sense of increasing normality to help get you back in the driving seat for the run in to Christmas.

Children returning to school will have been lined up at their front door as parents take photographs of them in their new uniforms and lament about how they are growing up too quickly. But for many of us the school run and commute to work will be anything but normal as we remain in the grip of Covid-19.

With the furlough scheme winding down and efforts being made by some employers to get staff back into the office, our road and rail networks should be beginning to get busier. But the make up of vehicles on our roads could be about to change.

The latest Northern Ireland Transport Statistics reveal there were 84.5million bus and rail passenger journeys in 2018/19 with 68.7million bus journeys (up 4% on previous year) and 15.8million rail journeys (up 6% on previous year).

This year’s statistics have yet to be published but they will obviously show a large decline in the use of public transport as lockdown brought the country to a standstill. In addition, transport consultants Systra, have said public transport usage could fall by 20% across the UK where people favour the solitude of the car to boarding a crowded train or bus. In its survey of 1,051 consumers, 48% said they were less likely to use public transport because of fears over Covid-19.

Just last week an investigation was launched after reports of poor social distancing and passengers not wearing face coverings on a Dublin to Belfast train service.

With new car sales in Northern Ireland surging by 17% in July, there is a real possibility that large numbers of people will shun public transport in favour of travelling in their own ‘bubble’.

If you are one of those commuters getting back behind the wheel instead of taking the train to work, there are a number of practical considerations, especially if your vehicle has not been used a lot in recent months.

Using a trusted company, like AbbeyAutoline, Northern Ireland’s biggest insurance broker, you can ensure you have the policy that is right for your needs.

You can speak to one of our local dedicated team members who can tailor your policy to suit your needs, and with the support of such a large company you will have the peace of mind knowing we can negotiate with a large panel of insurers across the UK and Europe to find you the best deal.

At times of uncertainty it is important to find a trusted partner leaving you with one less thing to worry about and time to upload those school pictures to social media.


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