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Insurance brokers can tailor policies to fit your needs like a glove

When it comes to buying a new suit or dress, the tailored option is always the better fit.

With very few of us the same shape and size, a bespoke piece of clothing is created to your exact measurements and fulfils your needs perfectly, as opposed to an ‘off the peg’ garment which may fit around the waist but be too short in the legs or arms.

When it comes to insurance, it’s the same principle. One size rarely fits all and it is often best to work with an expert who knows the industry inside out and who can help you ‘cut your cloth’ to best suit your needs.

But with so many providers to choose from, where to start? This is where an insurance broker can help.

What is an insurance broker and is a broker best for me?

Essentially an insurance broker is an intermediary between the customer and the insurance companies who will work to secure the most suitable deal for their client. They work for you, but they will be paid a commission by the insurance company. Insurance brokers do not underwrite the insurance risk of their customers.

The good ones take time to get to know their clients and build up strong relationships which last for years. They will get an understanding of their client’s needs and requirements, whether that’s in their business or personal lives.

Expert insurance brokers will have extensive knowledge of the industry as well as knowing their individual clients. They will then use this knowledge to find the most suitable policies from their panel of insurers- policies which are tailored to your needs.

If you are planning on buying insurance for something you know relatively little about, then tapping into the expert knowledge of an insurance broker could be the right thing to do.

They take the stress out of the search, saving you valuable time and with their wide network of insurance companies they are often better placed than price comparison websites to find you the most competitive policy.

In addition, when it’s renewal time they will re-evaluate your needs if your circumstances have changed and search for the policies with the cover matched to your needs.

Brokers must adhere to a strict set of rules with the best interests of their customers a priority. They are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the body responsible for ensuring the integrity of financial services companies.

With the coming together of two of Northern Ireland’s most established insurance brokers, Abbey and Autoline to create AbbeyAutoline we can deliver greater choice for all our customers, with an expanded panel of insurers.

With 22 branches across Northern Ireland, we are local and never too far away when you need us most - call in and see us or speak to us on the phone. Our dedicated teams are always on hand to help with queries or to simply explain the jargon which sometimes crops up on policies.

Our teams have expert knowledge across a number of sectors, therefore by understanding your needs they are well placed to help you with your insurance needs. They can also really add value to a business by drilling down on your insurance needs and making sure your policies meet your exact requirements.

With over 45 years’ experience, when we say we are experts, we can really back it up. This is why we are finding the best possible deals from our panel of insurers for our customers every single day.

To find out more about how the team at AbbeyAutoline can help you, call us on 08000 66 55 44.

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