Car insurance

Searching for the right car insurance can be complicated. So we’re here to make your life easier. Whatever your car’s shape or size, our team of experts are here to help you drive with confidence under the right cover.


Home insurance

Finding the right insurance to protect your property and all its belongings is often a difficult process. That’s why we’re here to find you a policy tailored to your home, giving you extra assurance in your insurance. Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, or building a property, we can help you with the right insurance to keep your house a home.


Van insurance

On the lookout for the right van insurance? Our expert team will find the right insurance to have you covered. Whether you’re a sole trader or have a fleet of vans, we work with a range of insurers to provide you with the right cover to keep you and your van on the road.


Business insurance

Searching for a business insurance deal? From home offices to large enterprises, we understand that every business is different. That’s why our expert team works hard to find the right policies and protection for your specific business needs.


Farm insurance

We understand the constant demands of farming, so we’re here to make one thing much easier. No matter the size, we work with you on a personal level to protect your livelihood and help find the most competitive cover that your farm needs.

Other insurance

Searching for the right car insurance can be complicated. So we’re here to make your life easier. Whatever your car’s shape or size, our team of experts are here to help you drive with confidence under the right cover.

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Motorbike Insurance

Protecting you and your bike for over 45 years

We are a nation of motorbike lovers and our team is no different. As a broker, we compare your options from our panel of UK and Irish Insurers to find the most suitable cover for your pride and joy, ensuring you receive our best motorbike insurance deal possible with outstanding value and exceptional service.  

We are proud to work closely with BikeSafe  – a national Police-led motorcycle road safety scheme that can help bikers drive safely and competentlySo, when you're ready to hit the road, whether it’s on a Harley or Vespa, we're right there with you.

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What type of motorcycle do you have?

Motorbike Card


Whether you’re buying your first bike or upgrading to your dream machine, our dedicated Motorcycle team will compare quotes from a selection of insurers and help you choose a policy that’s right for you. We also understand that if you really love bikes, you might have more than one therefore we can also provide a tailored multi-bike insurance policy.  


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Scooters are great for commuting and nipping about, but your scooter needs its own type of insurance. Whether your scooter is registered in Northern Ireland or you’ve had it imported, you’ve come to the right place to insure it.

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Whether you’re travelling around the countryside or into the towns and cities across Northern Ireland, a moped is an extremely cost-effective way to travel.

Naturally, you want the same from your moped insurance so we will search for the best available price from our panel of insurers on your behalf.  

Choose your level of cover

Every bike owner is different so we can help customise your policy to meet your specific needs:

Motorbike Comp

Fully Comprehensive

This is the highest level of cover you can get. It covers everything third party,fire and theft have to offer but also damage to your own bike and any injuries you may suffer in a (non-fault) accident. 

Motorbike Third Part Fire Theft

Third Party (Fire & Theft)

This bike insurance policy provides cover for any injury or damage to third parties, as well cover if your bike is stolen or damaged by fire. 

Motorbike Third Party Only

Third Party Only

This type of insurance policy only provides cover for third party injury or damage to their vehicles.

*You may also request out-of-use cover if your bike will not be driven on the road for a period of time.

Tailor your policy

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All motorcycle types

All motorcycle types

With so many motorcycle manufacturers and models available on the marketplace, bikers are spoilt for choice. From sports bikes to cruisers, and from trikes to scooters, there is a motorcycle to fulfil every aficionado’s dream.



If your motorcycle has, or you wish to add, modifications, please be sure to make us aware so we can ensure your cover is valid.

Muti Icon
Multi-vehicle policies

Multi-vehicle policies

Some insurers on our panel facilitate more than one bike to be insured on the policy, with an individual mileage allowance for each one.


Agreed Values
Agreed values

Agreed values

Sometimes in the event of a total loss, the price offered for your vehicle (motorbike) may vary amongst insurers. If your motorcycle has been well maintained, or it is perhaps a vintage or classic, you can request for an agreed value policy. This means that if you are in an accident and your motorcycle is written off, then any offer made will be based on the agreed value, rather than the current market price value.

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Use on the continent

Use on the continent

As with car insurance, most insurers will offer cover for a limited period of time for using your vehicle abroad. These limits also apply to motorcycle insurance, so if you are planning a trip abroad with your vehicle, please ensure that you familiarise yourself with your insurance policy or contact your broker with any queries.

Laid Up Cover Yellow
Out of use or ‘laid up’ cover

Out of use or ‘laid up’ cover

Some insurers will offer cover for motorcycles even when they will not be used on the road for a while. The cover offered will vary between insurers and some may offer a reduction in premium so please do discuss this with us when taking out your policy.

Boost your cover

Keycare Cover

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Breakdown Assistance

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Excess Insurance

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Keycare Cover

KeyCare cover means you can avoid the stress and hassle of replacing lost, damaged or stolen keys.  

Key Features and Benefits* 

  • Cover for lost and stolen keys, replacement locks and any call-out charges up to £1,500.** 
  • Cover for broken keys which are damaged by accidental means (not wear and tear).  
  • Cover for locksmith charges where keys are locked in property or if a key breaks in the ignition, up to £50. 
  • 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency message relay and helpline. 
  • Access to a nationwide network of locksmiths. 
  • No excess to pay. 

*No European Cover included.  

** Refer to your Policy Schedule for details of cover and call-out limits. 

Breakdown Assistance

Breakdown Assistance* comes in handy if your motorcycle has broken down or suffered a puncture and you’re stranded on the side of the road.  

What’s included?  

  • Our breakdown covers you in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Republic of Ireland 
  • Provides you with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year emergency helpline. 
  • Up to one hours labour at the roadside if the motorcycle can be repaired in situ. 
  • Covers the towing of your motorcycle to the nearest competent repairer. 
  • Covers the cost of onward transport for you and your passengers if your motorcycle cannot be repaired. 
  • Your No Claims Bonus on your other insurance policies will NOT be affected if you make a claim on your Breakdown Policy 
  • If you purchase European cover (from £54) and your motorcycle is not repaired when you are due to come home, you will be covered for transport to get you, and for your motorcycle to be transported to your home or UK garage or the cost of your travel for you to return to bring your bike home once repaired. 

*Exclusions and Terms and Conditions apply. A full copy of the policy documents is available upon request. 

Excess Insurance

Excess Protection cover reimburses the excess you have paid following a claim. It’s a clever addition to your insurance and we’re one of the few brokers who offer it in Northern Ireland.   


What details do I need to have to hand when quoting?

  • Your vehicle registration (if you know it)  
  • The motorcycles make, model and year of manufacture   
  • Your licence details 
  • Details of any claims or convictions  

Your insurer will also want to know where your motorcycle will be stored overnight and if you have taken any additional security measures to keep it safe.  

Popular queries

Can I bring down the price of my insurance quote?

Your No Claims Bonus should provide you with some discount on your policy, as will taking additional security measures to ensure the safety of your vehicle. 

Some insurers may also offer a discount for completing an additional advanced riding course such as BikeSafe, which helps to improve your riding and make you a safer biker.  

Can I get cover for multiple motorcycles?

Depending on the insurer, we may be able to offer cover for multiple bikes under one policy – saving you time and hassle.

Can I get breakdown cover for driving in the EU?

Yes, if you purchase Breakdown Assistance to include European Cover. If you do happen to breakdown in the EU then we will try to repair it in situ and if your bike is not repaired when you are due to come home, you will be covered for transport to get you, and for your bike to be transported home or to a UK garage.  

Can I add other drivers to my motorbike policy

Just like insuring a car, many insurers will allow you to add an additional driver. Depending on their driving experience, this may raise or lower the cost of your premium. 

What is the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)?

Unless you obtained a full car licence before February 2012, you will need to complete a Compulsory Basic Training course if you want to ride any bike up to 125cc.  

The CBT course involves on-site training and riding as well as driving on the road with the help of a trained guide. Your motorbike instructor will take you through each stage once you have demonstrated basic safety skills at a level they are satisfied with. 

Once these have been completed, you will be issued with a certificate and will have to re-sit every 2 years until you obtain your full motorbike licence. 

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