car driving in snow storm

Driving in snow safely

Driving in the snow can be a real challenge for drivers, making driving in these severe conditions both terrifying and dangerous.

Unless your journey is absolutely essential, it is advised to avoid driving altogether in such harsh conditions but if you must drive, here’s how to make sure you are as prepared as possible.

De-icing your car


Always double check your tyre thread. Anything below 1.6mm is illegal and can seriously affect your chances of losing control in the snow.

Emergency kit

It’s good to be prepared when driving in snowy conditions, which is why packing an emergency kit is essential. You might need such things as:


Most main roads will be salted the night before therefore try and steer clear of rural, country back roads as they will most likely not be salted and much more dangerous.

Driving in snow

If you get stuck in snow

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