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Getting ready for sheep breeding season

Even though breeding is a few months away yet, September is a good month to prepare and assess your flock of ewes. Sheep specialists at The Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority advise that evaluating your flock is imperative and will save time in the long run. 

First thing is first, identify the ewes that may be problematic. Some ewes can be a more challenging to manage than others, so records are essential if a successful breeding season is to be had.

Ideally you should know which ewes:

Failing to identify the ewes with these problems now means that in all likelihood you will come up against these issues again next year in the lambing shed. If you work alongside conditioning scoring, then it is a good idea to divide your flock into ewes that are of good condition and those in bad condition. Thin ewes will need more than two or three weeks for flushing. An ewe that is in body condition score of 2.5 today, will need 10 weeks of good grass to get her to a body condition score of 3.5.

Breeding young ewes

Some sheep specialists believe with good management and nutrition, ewe lambs can produce offspring at 12 months old with the following considerations:

As you juggle sheep breeding, as well as everything that else that happens on the farm at this time of year remember AbbeyAutoline’s dedicated farm team are here to make sure that insurance is one less thing to worry about.

For more info check out our farm section on our website or give the agricultural team a call on 08000 665544.


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