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Smallholder Insurance

All in one protection for your smallholding

We understand that your farm, whether it’s a hobby farm or another source of income for your family, it still needs protected, so we have designed an all in one cover, with yousmall farm in mind. 

What is a smallholding?

A smallholding is a piece of land smaller than a full-time farm, usually under 50 acres. It offers the owner a means of achieving self-sufficiency by growing fruit and vegrearing livestock, selling organic produce or accommodating farm staysGenerally, a smallholder farmer tends to have another source of income, as for many, it is more of a passion than a full-time business. 

We offer an exclusive smallholders insurance package which covers the following use of land: 

  • Arable, hay, straw, cereal and other crop farming 
  • Livestock farming and ownership (including alpaca, llama, beef, sheep, pig, poultry and goats) 
  • Farmers markets 
  • Bed & Breakfast accommodation for up to six guests 
  • Caravan or tenting accommodation 
  • DIY livery stables for up to 4 liveries 

Our insurers offer protection from risks associated with smallholdings and our policy is specifically designed to protect you with standard cover including: 

  • Storm and flood damage cover 
  • Theft or attempted theft  
  • Fatal injury to livestock off the premises and in transit  
  • Dog worrying attacks  
  • Liability at agricultural shows 
  • Employers liability up to £10 million  
  • Public and product liability up to £5 million  
  • Environmental liability up to £1 million  
  • Material damage cover for farm buildings, machinery and tools, produce, deadstock, livestock, riding tack and glasshouses 

Additional cover includes: 

  •  Buildings and Contentcover for private dwelling houses. 

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