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What is Young Driver Insurance and why can it be so expensive?

So you have done the difficult part in passing your driving test and securing a full driving licence. You even have a car or are sharing a car and are eager to get on the road. But before you can do that, you’ll need young driver insurance.

This article will tell you what young driver insurance is, why it is often so expensive and provide some helpful advice on finding affordable car insurance so that you can start driving.


What is Young Driver Insurance?

As you have probably guessed, young driver insurance offers a policy that covers the potential costs for young drivers (usually between the ages of 17 and 25) in the case of an accident. As straightforward as that sounds, you should know that it is often considerably more expensive.

Why is Young Driver Insurance more expensive?

Insurance premiums are based on risk and as young drivers are less experienced, they, therefore, can represent a greater risk. Young driver insurance can be expensive, on the bright side, young driver insurance providers can offer significant price reductions and promote greater road safety through the incorporation of ‘telematic technology’ to track your driving and evaluate your performance, rewarding safe driving with significant reductions in insurance costs.


What is telematic technology and how does it work?

Telematic technology often referred to as a ‘black box’ is commonly when a small box is fitted to your car which automatically monitors your driving by collecting various data, recording your journeys and evaluating performance.  The technology uses a variety of dimensions to measure your performance, taking into consideration your accelerating, cornering, speed and braking.

The ‘black box’ often records the time of day and when you drive as many young driver insurance policies incorporate a curfew, meaning that your insurance only covers you for certain times of day to further reduce risk. So, if you are someone looking forward to late-night drives or maybe participating in shift work this should be an important consideration before agreeing with a provider.


How do I get the right young driver insurance?

Now that you understand what young driver insurance is, why it is so expensive and how some of those costs can be avoided you can better evaluate what insurance options are best for you.

Not only do you need to find insurance that provides the cover needed at an affordable price but you have the added challenge of finding insurance that matches your lifestyle.

For help and guidance finding young driver insurance contact the experts at Chillidrive, powered by AbbeyAutoline at 08000 66 55 44 today.  

Chillidrive can provide you with all the cover you need at an affordable price using telematic technology. Unlike many providers, Chillidrive does not enforce a curfew so that you can enjoy late night drives and the flexibility of 24/7 cover.

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