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Searching for the right car insurance can be complicated. So we’re here to make your life easier. Whatever your car’s shape or size, our team of experts are here to help you drive with confidence under the right cover.

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Van Insurance

Before you start, we’ve made these assumptions

We make certain assumptions about your vehicle, you and other persons driving the van and your driving history in order to provide you with a quotation. If you decide to purchase a policy with us, you will need to confirm that all the below assumptions are true. If you cannot confirm that all of the below assumptions are true, or if you are in any doubt, please contact us on 08000 66 55 44 so that we can assist you with your quotation. You will be able to view and accept these before you make a purchase online.

Icon Van

1. Your van must

  • Be first registered in the UK or Ireland
  • Be right hand drive
  • Not have a period of 14 days or more without insurance cover from the date that you have requested cover to incept
  • Not have been involved in any incidents whilst uninsured which may give rise to a claim in the future
  • Not be a private car
  • Not be modified beyond standard manufacturer’s specification. This will include, but not be limited to, cosmetic, performance enhancing and safety alterations to your vehicle.
  • Must not have 5 or more seats fitted, or seats fitted or removed outside of manufacturers standard fitting
  • Be used for Carriage of Own Goods in connection with the policyholder’s business only and/or Social, Domestic and Pleasure use (where requested). This policy will exclude the carriage of passengers or goods
    for hire or reward. This policy will also exclude use for or in connection with soliciting for orders, racing, rallies, pace making, reliability trials or speed testing. This policy will exclude the use for drawing a greater number
    of trailers in all than what is permitted by law.
  • Must not be Q-registered and/or previously declared a write off
Icon Driving

2. You and any person(s) driving the van

  • Are a UK resident
  • Do not have any medical conditions or disabilities that must be notified to the DVLA
  • Do not have any non-motoring convictions which are not considered spent or any pending prosecutions
  • Have never had insurance; refused, cancelled, voided or special conditions imposed
  • Have never had an increased premium applied to a previous policy
  • Have never had terms imposed on a previous policy
  • Have never been declared bankrupt or have an ongoing or previous CCJ
  • Have never been disqualified from driving or obtaining a licence
Icon About

3. About You

  • Your No Claims Discount was earned in the UK
  • Your No Claims Discount is not currently in use on another Private Car or Commercial Vehicle policy

Please take reasonable care to answer all the questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge. If you don’t, your policy may be cancelled, or treated as if it never existed, or your claim rejected or not fully paid.
If you are in any doubt whether certain facts need to be disclosed, please ask us by contacting us
on 08000 66 55 44
Our phone lines are open Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday 9am – 3pm.

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