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Everything you need to know as a named driver

Being a named driver on an insurance policy means you will have the same level of cover as the main driver, but aren’t expected to be driving as much.  It is usually normal for households to have named drivers on their car insurance policies if they need to share the same vehicle from time to time.

Does adding a named driver impact your car insurance premium?

Typically, adding a named driver onto a car insurance premium can help bring costs down. This is because insurers will base the premium on the fact that you will be in the car less – reducing the chances of having an accident or making a claim.  It is not uncommon for parents to add their children onto policies when they pass their test.

How much does it cost to add a named driver?

If you want to add a driver to your existing policy, you may be subject to a fee from your insurer to amend the policy. The effect of the premium cost will depend on who you are adding. The cost of adding a named driver will be dependent on who they are. If a parent adds a child as a named driver, this could increase the premium. However, if a new young driver adds a parent on as a named driver this could see costs come down.

Can I build up my No Claims?

Unfortunately, as a named driver you won’t be able to build up your no claims premium. This will be associated with the main driver of the car. It is worthwhile doubling check with your insurer provider if they offer no claims for named drivers.

Avoid fronting

If you are the main driver of a vehicle, but down on your insurance policy as the named driver, this is known as fronting. This can seem appealing in order to cut costs, but it is actually illegal. If caught your insurance policy will be void and any claims are likely to be turned down. We recommend avoiding this and being aware of the implications.

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