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Top Tips to Give Your Home Some Curb Appeal

If you are holidaying at home, why not make those all-important updates to your garden and home exterior, adding some curb appeal in between staycationing or day-tripping over the summer holidays.

This is the perfect time of year to look to the outside of your home and start making  improvements while the weather is relatively dry.

We have been inundated with home and garden renovation shows in recent months, not to mention the fascination of scrolling through the property pages on social media, giving us so much inspiration as to what potentially could add value to our homes.

Here are just some tips that could help:

Fresh Lick of Paint: If the outside of your house is painted, a fresh lick of paint will transform it from looking tired to giving it a sharp, vibrant effect. This will also work if you have a wooden front door and windows.

Update Door Accessories: You don’t need to go the extreme expense of changing your front door but by changing the hardware including door handles, letterboxes and even adding a matching house number can completely transform the look of your front door.

Welcoming Paths: Over the winter months paths and driveways can become quite grubby having been exposed to the elements throughout the year. Giving these areas a power hose can really make a difference, giving them a clean and welcoming look and helping to remove any weeds that have taken root between the joints and along the edges.

Windows: It may sound obvious, but the external windows can sometimes be forgotten about, especially the higher reaching ones, if you don’t have a window cleaner. With more DIY tools available to overcome this issue, make sure you take time to brush down and wash your windows as well as the frames and sills.

Gutters and Roofing: It’s important to keep on top of any damage to both the roof and guttering so it doesn’t develop into major damage. It’s good to clean the guttering each year so any falling debris that has gathered doesn’t cause any blockages or flooding.

Overgrown Garden: It can be surprising how quickly a garden can become overgrown, especially in our climate with the perfect mix of rain, sun and a steady average temperature throughout the year. Trimming back hedges, trees and shrubs at the right times of the year will not only keep your garden tidy, but will create a sense of space and make it feel bigger, especially for small and narrow gardens.

Freshly Cut Grass: Between March and October, it is important to cut your grass regularly to keep it healthy. Over the summer months, your lawn should be cut up to twice weekly and less frequently during spring and autumn. Don’t cut grass when it’s wet or frosty as this can damage the turf, and set the lawnmower to the highest height setting in spring and gradually reduce through to the summer.

Weeding: Weeds are unruly and have a mind of their own but they are also an eyesore! Try and keep on top of weeds before they take hold and spread across the garden – the earlier the better!

Fresh Gravel: Add some bags of fresh gravel or stones to areas already created to give a fresh new look. Why not create new areas by laying a weed barrier before topping with stones, or if there are gaps in your boarders fill with stones or bark.

Upcycle Furniture: If you think your wooden garden furniture would be better off in the skip, think again. If it is still fully functional but has lost its look due to the sun and rain, why not sand it down before giving it a coat or two of paint. Not only is this cost effective but it will fell like a brand new piece of furniture, why not pick a vibrant colour to make it a feature in the garden.

Fences and Gates: There are so many garden paints on the market that you can really add a splash of colour to your garden, even if you don’t have any plants blooming. Why not give the fences, gates or even your shed a coat of paint giving it a “good as new” feel that should last through the year.

Storage: Storage is a really useful tool to make sure your garden is kept tidy, no matter what space you have to work with. Whether it’s a large garden or a small yard, there are options available from sheds to storage boxes to remove any clutter.

Outdoor Bar: Lockdown has seen a surge in people bringing elements of their social lives into their homes including creating outdoor bars and cinemas. By purchasing a large summer house or shed to transform, this doesn’t have to break the bank. You can simply create your own bar area by using some old furniture, from shelves and crates to old potting tables or side boards. If you really want to enjoy all the comforts of a bar in your garden, you could also create an outdoor big screen/cinema area by simply painting a wall free of objects or windows white, or attach a white bed sheet to a large fence. Projectors are really accessible and affordable these days, just make sure you take the proper safety steps when connecting it outdoors.

Accessories: There are so many garden accessories out there to add the perfect finishing touches to your newly updated garden. Outdoor lighting can add the perfect touch to your home, from mains connected lighting at the front of the house to LED and solar lighting dotted around the garden – your enjoyment of the garden doesn’t have to end as soon as the sun goes down.

Gardens can also be an additional room to your home, so why not bring your home comforts outside into your garden. You can accessorise your patio areas with cushions, rugs and throws, creating an additional social area to your property.

Hanging baskets and pot plants placed at each side of the front door can be the perfect finishing touches to your garden transformation, adding a splash of colour while giving a warm welcome to visitors.

It’s important to have the right insurance in place to protect your house and your belongings, including your garden. Make sure you are covered under your Home or Contents Insurance.

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