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Pancake Ingredients

Support Local | Upgrade Your Pancakes

Support Local | Upgrade Your Pancakes

Pancake Tuesday is right around the corner and there’s no better way to celebrate this year than by supporting our local farmers and artisan producers. Luckily in Northern Ireland we have a vast range of delicious farm-fresh and local artisan produce, so you can whip up your very own unique pancake stack with all-local ingredients. 

Vegan? We’ve got you covered (V)! There are some fantastic locally produced plant-based toppings to accompany your favourite delicious Vegan pancake recipes.

Here are some of our favourite mix-and-match picks this Pancake Day.

Farm Fresh Ingredients

The perfect pancakes start with the freshest ingredients and we have a huge choice of quality, locally produced eggs, milk and butter on our doorsteps. Step away from the pancake mix and source fresh produce from your local farmers, farm shops or farm-to-door delivery services.

Make a Meal of it with Savoury Specials

Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast – adding some savoury ingredients can upgrade your pancakes to a substantial meal to enjoy at any time of day. Try topping your pancakes with a generous serve of Ballymaloe Relish, stacked with your favourite local black pudding and farm-fresh poached eggs.

Looking for a savoury/sweet stack? The traditional bacon and maple syrup combo is hard to beat, but if you fancy something different, try Mike’s Young Buck Blue Cheese with caramelised pear.

A few more of our favourite savoury toppings include:

Sweet Treats

The possibilities are endless for those with a sweet tooth. If you opt for crepe-style pancakes, ice cream is essential. Luckily, we’re spoilt for choice with quality local ice cream makers and we all have our favourites, so make sure to stock up and support yours. For an extra indulgent treat, top with pouring syrup or sauces.

To upgrade your traditional lemon and sugar topping, slather a perfectly toasted dropped scone pancake with Ruby’s Fine Foods Handmade Lemon Curd – a dreamy combination!

For the health conscious among us, it’s hard to beat a pancake topped with Clandeboye Greek Style Yogurt, fruit and a drizzle of Springmount Farm Honey.

Some other favourites include:

The local food scene has seen strong growth in recent years and this is just a small selection of the local products available in Northern Ireland. We encourage you to support all local producers and share your own favourite produce with us. Enjoy creating your own locally-sourced unique pancake stack this Pancake Tuesday.

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