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Sunshine, Socialising and How to Keep Safe

Sunshine, Socialising and How to Keep Safe 

With longer days upon us, gardens in full bloom, lockdown restrictions easing and the sun shining (a little more than normal at least!), it’s no surprise that many of us will be bringing the inside outside and firing up the BBQ. Perhaps you are finally catching up with some friends or family (restrictions permitting), or simply enjoying a beautiful day. Whatever the reason, here in Northern Ireland it is definitely a treat to have the opportunity to switch the heating off and venture outside.

Inside and outside

Property owners have become increasingly vigilant about gas and fire safety in the home, using carbon monoxide alarms, being more familiar with the signs and symptoms of CO2 poisoning, and of course keeping fire extinguishers and fire blankets on hand.

Very often however, these habits don’t extend outside the home, in particular when the sun is high and the drinks are flowing. Barbecues, if faulty or not properly maintained, can be dangerous and patio heaters and other gas appliances can present real safety risks.

The Emergency Services are reporting increasing instances of property damage resulting from BBQ fires and faulty external gas appliances.

Our essential BBQ checklist

We think barbecuing should be social and fun so whether it’s fixing a faulty heater or sidestepping careless BBQ etiquette, here is our check list for how to make the most of the sun and steer clear of risk:

Make sure your BBQ is in good shape. Have it serviced annually and properly. If something doesn’t look right, don’t use it until you’ve had it checked. If you have a gas BBQ that has a fault, ensure you have it fixed by a gas safe, registered engineer.

Always position your BBQ on level, solid ground to keep it stable and in plain view.

Don’t use petrol or paraffin on your BBQ, only use approved fuel and do so carefully, making sure you switch off and store any gas canisters after use.

Avoid leaving any BBQ or heater unattended especially if you have animals or small children around. We would suggest keeping an eye on both until everything is cooled and switched off.

Keep your BBQ outside until it reaches a safe, cool temperature, don’t be tempted to store it in a shed or move it inside before then.

If a fire does break out, call the emergency services immediately.

Getting it right

If you’re ticking all these boxes, then all there is left to do is make the most of the al fresco life. Line up your sausages, have the ice creams at the ready, and embrace the great weather, safely.


Our expert advisors are on hand to offer advice on how to keep you and your property safe during the summer season. Give our team a call on 08000 66 55 44.

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