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A summer of fun with insurance one less thing to worry about

It’s the year of the staycation with hotels, guesthouses, camping, glamping and caravan sites across Northern Ireland all gearing up for a bumper summer of fun.

According to the website, Holiday Cottages, four in five people will take a staycation this summer in the UK, bringing some light to the end of a very long tunnel for our hospitality sector.

With landscapes and coastlines which are starring in blockbuster movies, Northern Ireland has been attracting millions of tourists in recent years. However, as we move out of the pandemic the accents at our holiday hotspots will sound a lot more local this summer.

But just because we are holidaying a lot closer to home this year, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare as if we were going further afield.

One of the key considerations when travelling abroad is insurance and this remains the same for those enjoying a staycation in 2021.

If you are holidaying in Northern Ireland, it is likely you will be packing the car up to head to where you are staying.

It is advisable not only to ensure your car is roadworthy by conducting a series of checks using a qualified mechanic but also to make sure your insurance policy is up-to-date.

This may be a good opportunity to conduct a review of your car insurance policy. Our dedicated team can review your policy to ensure you are getting the right cover.

At AbbeyAutoline we can also advise on how you can boost your cover to include breakdown cover, key cover, courtesy car cover and GAP insurance.

Breakdown Assistance comes in handy if your vehicle breaks down or suffers a puncture. This cover will mean that our Breakdown partner can carry out repairs on the spot. 

Many car insurance policies already cover an element of Keycare such as replacing keys broken in your lock but what about when you lose your keys? This can be particularly disruptive when on holiday.

This enhanced level of Keycare means you can avoid the stress and frustration of replacing lost keys and all the hassle that goes with it.

If you are on staycation you won’t want to be without your car. We will keep you moving with a replacement car in the event of an ‘at fault’ accident, a fire or a theft in which the vehicle has not been recovered.

For just £10, you can buy a Courtesy Car Policy which will get you back on the road and save you having to pay expensive car hire charges by providing you with a car for up to 14 days.

Another insurance consideration is GAP Insurance. If the worst happens and your car is stolen or written off, you could really end up out of pocket as well as having no car, therefore it is certainly worth thinking about taking out GAP Insurance. 

Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance (GAP) protects your financial interest in your vehicle, whether it’s a new car, second hand or if you already own it. 

Even though you won’t be too far from home when holidaying in Northern Ireland, it also good practise to ensure your home insurance is up-to-date. This can provide cover for any damage or break-ins when you are away.

Our teams can review your policy to make sure you have the one that works best for you. We can advise on building insurance, contents insurance or a combined policy.

As Northern Ireland’s largest insurance broker, AbbeyAutoline’s dedicated team of experts take the time to understand your needs. We will help you assess any additional elements of cover you may need, so you have tailored packages that safeguards you.

As a broker, our team search and compare quotes from our large panel of insurers so we can offer customers our best deal.

Let our team give you the peace of mind to enjoy the beauty of Northern Ireland during your summer staycation.

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